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“I was killing chickens one day at my Chick-fil-A, minding my own business….”

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I love marketing, I am definitely wired for it.  I was killing chickens one day at my Chick-fil-A, minding my own business and realized that Chick-fil-A is having a national contest, all of a sudden my ears perked up, and my adrenaline started pumping. Here we go!

What I do know about marketing contests is this:

Know the rules

Strategize like a madman

Make it remarkably fun

Over the next few weeks I will be making separate blog for each of these tips, and hopefully be able to give you some information on how it is going.

A number of years ago we did a contest like this and we blew the doors off it. We capitalized on selling milk and cookies. I mean, who doesn’t like milk and cookies, I think anyone who does not is not American. So let’s look at the strategy.

Know the rules

Anytime I am trying to take on a monumental task, I have learned it’s good to know the rules. Some rules are black-and-white, pass or fail, or yes and no. There are inferred rules, or rules that we might put upon ourselves that don’t exist. For example: did you know that you can literally mail anything through the United States Postal Service if it has a stamp on it? It’s true, I know this first-hand. I once mailed 100 hamster balls, no box, just put a label on it to show where it’s going and a stamp. They mailed them! Knowing the rules can make the difference in any game. So research them.

Strategize like a Madman

I am the Ready, Fire, Aim guy. To be perfectly honest most of the time it works. Once you know the rules then it’s a matter of figuring out how to push forward on what you’re trying to achieve. You need to have the right players that are helping you, the right hook to catch people, and the right products. If you’re missing anyone of those three you’re going to be in trouble. Take the time, spell it out, and make a game plan.

Make it remarkably fun

Think about all the commercials that you see on a regular basis. The ones that are just informational you don’t remember. Have you seen or heard any of the cow commercials from Chick-fil-A? We may may not remember the details, but you remember that there was a cow, it was telling you to eat more chicken, and it was hilarious. Get the point? Anytime I’m trying to tackle a marketing project I want to make sure that not only is it fun, but it’s a kind of fun that people will remark about. Take a normal thing, and do what you need to to make it abnormal, something neat, fun and exciting.

Over the next few blogs I will unpack these details more, but hopefully this gave you some information that I have found successful for marketing.

On that note, since you’re already reading this, I want to let you know more about the contest, because I need your help. We are one month away from the end of this contest. The Free-standing Unit that sells the most Chick-fil-A breakfast entrées and the mall unit that sells the most desserts, will win a trip. I really don’t care as much about the trip, other than the fact that my wife and I could probably use some time alone, on a secluded island but that is secondary, LET’S DO SOMETHING FUN!

If you have any catering needs that might include Chick-fil-A cookies, or you might need a large quantity of breakfast sandwiches, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My phone number at Eastside Market  (71st & Garnett) is is 918-461-0777 and the phone number for my Woodland Hills Mall location is (918) 252-4429.

Milk and cookies Monday

Purchase 4 -6 packs of our cookies on Monday’s from Woodland Hills Mall and you will get a free gallon of milk! Order 5-6 packs of our cookies between 2-4 on Mondays will get a free gallon of milk, and we will deliver it for FREE.

Let us know how we can meet your needs.


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