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Three Steps to Maintaining your Back to Work Sanity

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Returning back to work after a vacation or long weekend can prove to be a difficult task, However, just three small steps can prevent burnout your first day back.

I am a firm believer in creating systems and process that work for you and your business but you can follow these three steps to begin.   Actively plan for your return. Know in advance your task list and have it prepared. You might even consider allotting time the night before your return to work to glance over your task list and adjust accordingly.  Create a Triage (system) for your return.

Step 1

Start with tasks that you know you can complete with efficiency. Your email inbox can fall in this category. Go through your e-mail, prioritize them and delegate or even delete anything unnecessary. If you have several employees, having a catch up meeting planned ahead of time will eliminate several distractions. Tackle any missed items up front before beginning your day.

Step 2

Have you created some transition time for yourself? Adding in time to focus on those tasks that need your attention and may take longer will prevent stress. Planning is crucial in running a strong business that includes time before, after and during your time off.

Step 3

Follow Up. The evening of your first day back, take some time to follow up on tasks not completed before you left. Add them to your list for the week and knock them out first.

You can also create your own system based off of the type of business you have. Let us know what your thoughts are. Do you ease back or jump right in?

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