You May Not Know How, You Just Have To Know You Can

You May Not Know How, You Just Have To Know You Can

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You may not know how, you just have to know you can.Tim Redmond

Too often we get stuck in the “how” to do things, and we don’t focus on the part that says we can.  I always look for what I can start with.

As a published author, I hear this all the time.  Someone wants to write a book, they never actually start because they are worried about all the details.  You’re writing a book so start with, I don’t know, maybe writing something!  It might be  an outline, a short story or a blog.  Don’t get hung up in the how, just get started.

Seek advice from an expert.  

Who do you know that is an expert in what your trying to accomplish?  If you don’t know someone, seek assistance from others, network.

I have an internal belief that most people want to help others.  Whether they have time to do it, or have restrictions can be an entirely other situation but they most often want to help.

When I was spending some time mentoring Keith Boyd, his team wanted to grow, so I reached out to one of my own mentors and he hooked me up with a company that could not help them due to a contract they already had with a lemonade vendor.  They graciously not only gave us a connection with someone who could help, but they told us to use their name, and it it made it much easier to build that new relationship.

Review and Adjust

Excellence comes from a series of review and adjust, review and adjust.  I have been working with       Chick-fil-A for 27 years.  You would think by now, I would know the exact way to motivate a team.  I have dealt with Baby boomers in my business, Gen Xers, and now millennials.  What has motivated others in the past, may not motivate the new ones.  

When I first started it was all about the money, or the status, nowadays its about what the company stands for, how am I recognizing them now, quick and impactful.  Especially if your dealing with a teenager.  I am constantly reviewing and adjusting.

Its so hard to not get caught up in why we should not do something, and lose grasp of why we should.  Sometimes you may not know how, just know you can. Review, adjust, and keep moving forward.  

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