Connecting Through Great Service

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“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow man.”
Albert Einstein

According to Einstein, you have the most important job ever! By now everyone should know the basics. We know that “Every person has a story.” Now we just need to look for opportunities to connect with each guest through great customer service. Here are some expectations we have for you:

  • Make eye contact.
  • Speak enthusiastically.
  • Share a smile.
  • Stay connected.

Always remember that these are not just tools for those working the front counter. If a guest sees you as a someone who works at Chick-fil-A, they don’t know or care that you work in the back or in the front. They just assume that you’re here to serve them — and they are correct. So always be looking for opportunities to connect with them and give them great service.

Welcome them.

This one is easy. Chit chat with them. There are many simple opening phrases you can use. Since we live in Oklahoma, the weather is always easy to talk about. “How’s the weather out there today?” “Staying warm/dry/cool?” “Watch out for flying cows!”

Get a refill.

If you’re walking by a guest who looks like they need help with something, offer to serve them.

Hold the door.

If you’re close by, hold the door for people who are coming or going. That’s another easy way to serve someone and let them know we care.


You’ve got a face, so you’ve got everything it takes to make this happen. And it’s a great way to connect and brighten someone’s day.

Eye contact.

If you make eye contact with a guest, take that opportunity to ask them how their meal was. It’s a common courtesy that’s unfortunately not so common these days.

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