My Top Five Travel Productivity Tips

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How will you manage your time today? It’s the end of the week, have you accomplished everything on your list? Do you even have a list and was it a productive week for you? My Top Five Travel Productivity Tips help me stay focused when traveling.

I am on the road getting ready for our book release in New York City.   Yesterday was a day of travel; planes and taxis and today will be trains and subways.  How can you be productive during travel? You can still manage your time easily and efficiently.

Just remember these important tips:

  1. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done!
    Utilize apps, calendars and the elusive yet productive ancient device – pen and paper to organize.  Even when traveling, stick to your calendar.
  2. Prioritize and then re-prioritize and …yep, re-prioritize again.
    Traveling is a great time to look at your lists, if they are like mine they are ever changing.
  3. If you are someone who can’t sit idle, utilize down time on trains, subways, and layovers in airports to check your calendar, re-prioritize your list, answer e-mails and small projects you need to check on.
    Now is not the time to be diving into large projects that need your attention but you can be productive with small tasks.
  4. When I am traveling my brain is able to take a rest from “most” of the daily grind and I am able to be productive in many others ways.
    Keep your ideas all in one neutral place.  Whether you use your notepad on your phone or Evernote.   You have all the ideas in one place to go back to develop.
  5. Don’t change your schedule.
    I always wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time, regardless of time zones.   I utilize that time to get everything done I need would normally do but without the distractions of daily like, hence getting more accomplished.

How do you stay productive while traveling?

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