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Time Management for 2016

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Time Management for 2016; the tipping point or “How busy is too busy?”

 I can get a lot of stuff done.  I feel that I manage my time well, if nothing else, I am pretty productive.  Lets be honest, success is a choice.  

duck huntingMy friend Rob Clyatt and I went hunting this week.  Unfortunately we did not hit much of anything, not due to lack of trying.  I guess God just wanted us to be still for little while, and if you know me, you know how hard that is!  On the way back, Rob and I started discussing time management.  He told me that since he has known me, I have always been successful, but there came a point where my influence grew dramatically. He wanted to know what the difference was.

As I looked at it, it was when I hired my first assistant.  In the past, I was doing it alone. I always had my hands in different things.  I have two Chick-fil-A locations, my 1st book Dysfunctional Inspiration was out and I had just started doing a little speaking.  My wife just started her business, The Journey Training and it was my turn to support her dreams.

I remember the struggle I had with an assistant.  The questions I had rattled around in my head like marbles in a tin can… they probably sounded that way too.  What would he/she do? How would it save me time? It will take longer to train her than to do it myself.  Sound familiar?

I did what I always do when I am charting in waters that I have not navigated through before.  I talked to peers that I truly respect and asked them the exact same questions that you may have, and the ones I had.  

Everyone of them gave me some input.  They were surprised that I didn’t already have an assistant.   They complimented me on getting so much done on my own.  Time Management is a strength for me.

And so it began….

  • I set a budget.  It was potentially a 30 hour a week spot.
  • I focused on the short and long term goals.  I looked at the stuff I was doing that I did not like to do, or what I did NOT have passion for.
  • I schedule everything.
  • Then I looked at this phrase.

Only do what only Arthur Greeno can do

This is an Andy Stanley phrase that I agree with.  Everything I was doing that someone else can do, I would throw it into a bucket.

My bucket examples:

  • I drive a couple of hours from Tulsa at least 2 times per month for Chick-fil-A. Do I need to drive?  I found that if I pay someone to drive us, I can use that time to coach one of my team during that drive, OR meet with someone.  
  • Gifts for staff – I typically spend thirty minutes making a list of stuff I need for my staff.  I have someone else order it, pick it up for me, put it in a basket and still know it came from me and my heart.   The idea was mine, I paid for it.  In fact, I even came up with the basket idea.  They were just the hands to make it happen, so in turn, I can spend more time doing only what Arthur does.

As we started working together I learned how much stuff I could get done by having her take it on, and it quickly moved into a 40 hour position plus more money.  

The nice part is that she was willing to grow with me.  I currently have a full time assistant, and two part-time assistants working with her, so at the end of the day, Arthur is spending time only doing what he can do.  

If you have any questions on this, or anything I can answer, please comment on this blog, and I will answer as quickly as possible.  


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      I schedule all time, that I need to. For example: Sundays are family days. I will just roll with the kids, or my wife during the afternoon/evening.

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